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About us

About us


We are a Sophisticated B2B Travel Agency and we offer exclusive services to your valuable clients

Pleasure & Desire is a sophisticated Travel Agent – DMC for affordable luxury travel to Greece delivering authentic experiences in the most exquisite and undiscovered destinations. Our competitive advantage is built around a very talented and knowledgeable team and a unique complementary specialists network of people and preferred partners around the country.


Our mission is to craft and deliver incredible and inspiring experiences to our travellers and to share with them our passion to discover the authentic part of Greece by exploring and living the unparalleled and largely unknown contrasts where unique experiences take place and unheard stories simply unfold.


Our proven ‘track-record’ in the travel and tourism industry, our integrity and commitment to excellence ensures our ability to wave experiences, local personalities and expert knowledge into bespoke authentic travel itineraries. Our corporate practices and insiders touch ensures the ‘best in class’ performance providing holistic travel solutions ranging form luxury getaways to corporate events yacht cruises and special concierge services at the most affordable ways maximizing the return on your lifetime satisfaction.


When it comes to Greece let us be your personal travel concierge partner…and let us deliver to you the ultimate luxury experience at the best affordable value.